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I am Mark Lau, I live in Grantham Lincolnshire, throughout my life I have been involved in all manner of country pursuits, having 25 + years experience in traditional pest control methods. Although my main business interest is catching moles I also offer a Rabbit and Wood Pigeon control service and other pest species upon request.

I have been taught ‘Traditional Mole Catching’ methods by other very experienced mole catchers,  where the skill has been passed on throughout the generations. My aim is to catch your nuisance moles quickly, efficiently and humanely. I never use poisons or gas, only traditional trapping methods.

I will catch one  mole on a domestic property right up to ensuring your estate or farm is controlled and monitored, I understand farmers, estate/ golf course gardeners and managers do not have the time to keep on top of mole problems and this can soon escalate into out of control situations. With many thousands of pounds being lost in damage, lost crops, animal disease and vets bills. I will take on this problem for you, ensuring respect for your property and a professional approach at all times and offering visible evidence of my catch if required.

My services are offered in and around Grantham but I will travel to where I am needed, realistically a 25 mile radius of Grantham.

Contact me now for a trouble free inspection and quotation, on Moles, Rabbits or Pigeons.